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Application of shut-off valve in ammonia storage tank/ ammonia valve


Application of shut-off valve in ammonia storage tank

Application of shut-off valve in ammonia storage tank

The “cut-off valve”, also known as the emergency shut-off valve, is suitable for ammonia/gas storage tanks, and the pipeline inlet and outlet controls the safety valve that cuts off the flow. In the event of equipment failure, corrosion damage, seal failure, a large number of dangerous materials leak, brewing (or may cause) fire, or poisoning accidents, to cut off the source of dangerous materials upstream, to avoid the expansion of accidents, control the impact of accidents, reduce accidents loss.
The A/shutoff valve uses a gas source (compressed air, nitrogen) and a solenoid valve to control the opening-closing of the valve.
B/cut valve type; pneumatic, hydraulic, manual plus pneumatic: classification: normally closed, normally open
1, pneumatic / normally closed: the valve is in a normally closed state in daily work, the solenoid valve coil is in a power-off state, does not consume electrical energy. When the work needs, the coil is energized, the gas source (compressed air, nitrogen) of 0.3-0.6Mpa opens the valve, and vice versa, the power is turned off. The internal structure of the shut-off valve is placed {melting alloy} when the external temperature rises to ≥80 °C, the gas pipe is blocked, the pressure relief of the valve is closed, and the safety protection is achieved.
2, hydraulic type; hand-operated oil pump is used together, the reciprocating action is made by the handle of the hand pump, so that the pressure is increased to open the emergency shut-off valve, the medium can pass, and in the event of fire or other emergency, the hand pump is unloaded. When the pressure valve is opened, the hydraulic system is quickly relieved, so that the emergency shut-off valve is immediately closed.
3, Pneumatic / normally open: used with long-distance air source, using the gas source to control the closing of the valve, so that when an accident occurs in the pipeline or the storage tank, the staff quickly touches the switch through the control room, and the electromagnetic valve is energized instantaneously. The gas source quickly passes through the valve.

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